Gran Reserva Experience: the best of grapes and beauty combined at Barceló Sancti Petri

Gran Reserva Experience: the best of grapes and beauty combined at Barceló Sancti Petri
Toñi Leal, Directora del Spa
written by Toñi Leal, Directora del Spa

At Hotel Sancti Petri we love beauty and wellness, and with this in mind we’ve created a treatment together with Esdor, a leading brand working with beauty products made from grape extract.
We’ve christened the treatment Gran Reserva Experience, an all-round ritual that takes you through several stages, allowing your skin to undergo a compete rejuvenation, protecting it from future damage and ageing, and relaxing body and mind in the process.

We’ve chosen to focus on grapes for the particular way in which they protect our bodies. Their natural antioxidant properties make them perfect for skin care treatments, obtaining spectacular results.

Grapes have nutritional properties too. They are a fantastic source of sugars, antioxidants and minerals, plus they have a high fibre, iron and sodium content, and they’re great for purifying the body.

They also have anti-wrinkle properties, making them perfect for skin care. They contain polyphenols, which prevent the elastin and collagen fibres in your skin from breaking down. These elements help maintain your skin’s firm texture and elasticity.

This is why combining the fabulous effects of grapes with fine cosmetics has enabled us to find a perfect treatment for your skin’s health and beauty, an all-round experience blending pleasure and effectiveness.

Our treatment consists of five stages during which we will be working on your skin to obtain the desired results.

First, we apply an invigorating exfoliation treatment to the whole body using grape pips. This eliminates dead cells and prepares the skin so it is better able to absorb the following stages of the treatment. This strengthens the dermis by removing cells that are no longer needed.

In the second stage we apply a detox – relax antioxidant body wrap, a relaxing and health-giving treatment for skin involving a series of nutrients and a special calming aroma.
We then apply an individually tailored facial treatment to suit the needs of each face with the antioxidant benefits of wine therapy.

Fourthly, you’ll bathe in red Tempranillo grapes, immersing yourself in a moisturising bath with cleansing, relaxing and health-giving properties. This stage is accompanied by a glass of must, enabling the beneficial effects of grapes to flow through your body on the inside as well.

Lastly, we’ll give you a moisturising, nutritive and wonderfully relaxing body massage to complete your treatment.

Gran Reserva Experience: the best of grapes and beauty combined at Barceló Sancti Petri
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