“Heel Massage” therapy for stressed-out feet

“Heel Massage” therapy for stressed-out feet
Toñi Leal, Directora del Spa
written by Toñi Leal, Directora del Spa

I’ve always considered foot care to be extremely important, both for aesthetic and health reasons, so I can walk around in my favourite shoes with nothing hurting or bothering me and knowing I look great. Feet are as important as hands, that’s why you have to spend time looking after them.

Wearing high heels makes us feel more womanly, more feminine, and they add a sexy touch to an outfit. Some of us wear them because we want to and whenever we feel like it, other less fortunate women have to wear them because their work demands it.

I adore stilettos, they’re lovely and I feel fantastic in them. But the down side is that my ankles and calves get tired if I wear them every day. That’s why the new Barceló Sancti Petri “Heel Massage” therapy for stressed-out feet is so amazing because I don’t want to give up wearing my heels.

A series of pleasant and comforting massages help to alleviate the long-term consequences of using high heels. “Heel Massage” gets straight to the tension produced in the legs and feet caused by stiletto and platform heels.

Thanks to this innovative treatment, women like me who refuse to give up their heels can have a treatment tailored to our needs and look after the welfare of our feet.

This session is designed to relax the soles of the feet, reduce possible stiffness in the ankles, prevent the calves from tightening up and achieve a feeling of general wellbeing from the soothing effects of massage on the various nerve endings in our feet.

Your heels take the weight of the whole body when you wear high-heeled shoes, so they are usually one of the most badly affected and fatigued areas. That’s why the “Heel Massage” focuses especially on this area, applying gentle circular pressures to calm the area and release built-up tension.

Foot and leg massages are key to activating blood circulation. First, gentle pressure is applied to get the foot ready for the massage. This is followed by massage and pressure techniques on the toes and soles of the feet. The aim is to get these areas to relax in order to to reduce any possible tension. It’s an incredibly pleasant sensation.

The tension caused by high heels can attack our legs and overload our calf muscles, causing stiffness and even cramps. To fix these problems, the appropriate massages are also given in these areas. Lastly, all the areas treated previously are given a gentle massage to relax you completely and allow your feet to rest.

Our “Heel Massage” treatment not only aims to give the feet some well-earned relaxation time, it also helps to strengthen these often forgotten parts of our bodies, making them more resilient. Plus, these massage techniques provide general relief and are beneficial for the entire body, because all the nerve endings in our bodies are in our feet.

“Heel Massage” therapy for stressed-out feet
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