Paddle Surf, the sport of the moment

Paddle Surf, the sport of the moment
Lorena sanchez
written by Lorena sanchez

Our hotel is in one of the best areas of Cádiz, facing La Barrosa beach, stretching eight kilometres from the islet of Sancti Petri to the tower of El Puerco.

La Barrosa has been awarded a European Union Blue Flag for its cleanliness and excellent facilities. This beautiful beach is regarded as being one of the best on the Andalusian coastline for its clear waters, lovely sand dunes and rugged cliffs.

The fine sand on the beach provides an ideal surface for your feet as you take long, relaxing strolls. Plus, this beach is perfect for practising a wide range of water sports.

One of these is Paddle Surf, this summer’s most popular sport. Also known as Stand Up Paddle Surf (SUP), this new water sport has close ties with surfing. It consists of paddling on a large surfboard using an oar or paddle.

The sport means you can travel along the coast or paddle out to sea on a calm day, and surf when the big waves are coming in. It’s a very simple concept: you just keep your balance on the board while you paddle along.

Originally from the idyllic island of Hawaii, this form of surfing is attracting fans everywhere and has a comparatively recent history. It started to become popular in 1960, when surfing instructors on Waikiki beach in Hawaii used the paddles from their canoes to take their surf boards out onto the ocean to take action photos of their pupils. This also meant they could keep a closer eye on their groups of surfers.

Later, in 2000, Hawaiian surfers started doing Paddle Surf as a training session when there were no waves. They realised they’d discovered a new form of surfing that meant they could go out on the ocean with no waves or wind on one day and ride the world’s biggest waves another day. Plus, SUP could not only be practised on the sea but also on lakes and rivers, and it was accessible to all kinds of people. It was a win-win situation.
The great attraction with SUP is that you get some fantastic views, both of the sea bed and of whatever is on the surface, allowing you to enjoy aquatic wildlife to the full.

Paddle Surf also strengthens core muscles and improves balance with very little conscious effort on the surfer’s part, leading to significant beneficial changes over time.

Paddle Surf, the sport of the moment
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