Strawberries for wellness

Toñi Leal, Directora del Spa
written by Toñi Leal, Directora del Spa

One of the prettiest fruits, eye-catching for its shape and colour, featured in countless works of art… is none other than the strawberry. A firm favourite with children, perhaps because they’re attracted by its bright red hue, it appears as an ingredient in thousands of recipes, both sweet and savoury – sliced with sugar, mixed with cream, as a preserve in savoury dishes… It guarantees the success of any recipe and here at Barceló Sancti Petri we’ve combined it in the most ‘wellness’ way we could think of.

Already in antiquity, its intense flavour made the strawberry one of the most highly valued fruits of all. Although people were unaware of the nutritional properties of strawberries back then, experts on the matter gradually began to realise just how healthy they are. And, although many people may not know this, strawberries contain more vitamin C than many citrus fruits, including oranges and lemons. This makes them the perfect way of rounding off any delicious meal, either as part of a recipe or combined with any other kinds of berries.

The only thing you need to bear in mind with this queen of fruits is that it doesn’t stay fresh for very long. You should always to try to eat strawberries shortly after buying them, a rule we always follow in our restaurants so we can guarantee the freshness of every single ingredient we use.

Apart from everything I’ve just said, I must add that strawberries are one of the foods that feature most often in weight loss eating plans. Why? Well, because as well as being delicious, they’re very light, as they contain more than 85% water, thereby ensuring a low calorie count.
Plus, they also contain vitamin A, vitamin E and small amounts of other vitamins that are beneficial for your body, like vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B6. They also contain minerals that contribute towards the body’s all-round wellness, like iron, phosphorous, calcium and iodine.

All these benefits have prompted us to use strawberries in a delicious cocktail that’s also fun to drink, our very own Wellness Pink Shot, using mainly large strawberries from Huelva. This ‘shot’ of fun and wellness provides the body with a fantastic dose of vitamin C, as well as being antioxidant and excellent for the immune system.

We’ve also added lime juice to the strawberries for this cocktail, as the acidity of limes has a disinfectant and anti-inflammatory effect, plus lime juice also contains a generous quantity of vitamin C. Lastly, all the various ingredients in this cocktail have diuretic and beneficial effects for people suffering from conditions such as high blood pressure or high levels of uric acid. The sweet touch is provided by honey rum, the star ingredient.

Strawberries for wellness
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