Tips for getting to know the best of Thailand without leaving Spain

Tips for getting to know the best of Thailand without leaving Spain
Toñi Leal, Directora del Spa
written by Toñi Leal, Directora del Spa

One thing our hotel has that makes it different to others is that, as well as getting to know Cadiz, its mixed soul and many other things there, the Royal Hideaway Sancti Petri is almost a micro climate anchored on this Costa de la Luz with, to a certain extent, a small Thailand at its heart. Why? Because we have more than 35,000 square metres of leafy tropical gardens full of palm trees and numerous other plants, to the extent that the hotel gardens could be thought of as a botanical garden in which to discover both plant and animal worlds through the plants and animals to be found in it.

The hotel also focuses all its expertise and service on wellness, bringing all its guests closer to the best of its world. Thailand is one of the countries in which the culture of well-being is most deeply rooted through techniques such as treatments, meditation and various forms of healthy living. Everyone has heard of the famous Thai massage, a very different therapy to the one to which we are accustomed since it does not consist of a traditional massage of kneading and relaxing in itself but a combination of various phases of stretching, decontraction and resting. One of its main features is the 360º concept, a technique for tackling problems of stress, postural contractures and nerves at their roots. It centres on points of bodily energy to achieve not only a relaxed state but also to improve many other aspects. The many phases of this ancient massage include rotations, stretching, slaps, etc, to solve problems by working on different areas of the body one by one. When we say that “Thailand” can be found in the Barceló Sancti Petri, we mean that we have a team perfectly trained in Thai massage.

Through the cultivation of wisdom, meditation, various forms of breathing and, of course, specific training in this technique, our professionals have acquired deep knowledge of its application, transporting those who try it to this wonderful country.

It is an ancient technique that has continued to develop and has great and proven results at all vital levels and that can be learnt in very few places. Chiang Mai is one of those places and it is there where experts have taught our team how to apply this ancient technique in Spain as few have managed to do, allowing us to care for our guests as we have always wanted to.

Tips for getting to know the best of Thailand without leaving Spain
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