The old Sancti Petri village

The old Sancti Petri village
Ignacio Martín Ondé
written by Ignacio Martín Ondé

If there is one effect that Cadiz always has on its visitors, it’s a desire to return. Why? Because of the charm of its people, the closeness of everything, the sunlight that shines as in few other places, beaches such as La Barrosa with eight kilometres of white sand, the pescaito frito (fried fish) and many more things, areas and services that would take hours to list.

One place that few visitors to the area know is the old Sancti Petri village. Flirtatious, welcoming, with character – there are a million ways to describe it and all refer to something positive. This small port has little in common with others. It is much smaller and more homely, full of small boats at anchor, riding the waves of this incredible ocean and used daily by fishermen for fishing and trawling the water in search of what will become the very delicious recipes of the open-air bars and restaurants that invade the entire area. Those who fish nearest the land catch tasty fish while those fishing out at sea catch the highly-valued tuna, very well-known in the area, and which we have made the base, core and essence of our menu, even becoming the leading player the two gastronomical seminars we hold during the year. This year, the seminars will be held in the middle of this month and will include both original and delicious combinations such as foie with tuna and chocolate and tuna cake – yes, a delicious desert based on this tasty fish.

The area that provides all this delicious delicacy and with a taste of the sea is the beautiful and tiny Sancti Petri with boats and port on one shore and on the other, the castle. This historic building dates back to the 16th century when it was built as a defensive stronghold in times of piracy.
It is essential to recommend everyone in San Fernando, La Barrosa, Conil, Chiclana, Roche and any of the fantastic and innumerable villages in the area to visit this port which has a special quality of light in the evenings that shows why this coast received its name.

The old Sancti Petri village
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