Wellness shots: small-sized well-being

Alex García, Chef
written by Alex García, Chef

For all of us who like to wake up with energy or revive the body after a sports session or even tone up the organism, we have created new shots – our wellness shots. These provide well-being in XS size and are as delicious as they are beneficial for the total wellness of our guests.

The first of these is our Digestive Shot, the ideal complement after any meal, with just three ingredients, orange juice, lime juice and tonic water – simple but powerful. As many of you already know, tonic water contains quinine, a popular health ingredient with an infinity of benefits for the organism since it is both digestive and cleansing. This helps the stomach to digest and the power of these ingredients even reduces the symptoms of various illnesses. For example, it is sometimes used as an antibiotic, sometimes as a palliative for the flu and even to reduce muscular cramps. The orange juice supplies the organism with vitamins, as does the lime juice, shielding it from the entry of many illnesses.

For those who like to feel always full of energy, we have created the Invigorating Shot for waking up every morning and starting the day with incredible energy thanks to its mixture of lemon and pomegranate juices with ginger ale. This last ingredient has many benefits for the body, starting with its stimulation of the circulatory system. It also activates the metabolism and is good for the respiratory system, helping persons suffering from asthma or irritating illnesses such as flu, colds, laryngitis and pharyngitis. Lemon juice detoxifies the organism and also aids digestion as well as providing vitamins to ward off colds. Pomegranate helps with anti-oxidation and provides vitamins that the body needs.

Anti-oxidant and restorative – that’s the next well-being shot. The core of this drink consists of peaches, thyme and strawberries, the benefit of which lies in their low calories and the amount of vitamins they provide. Thanks to the peach, it’s diuretic, preventing the retention of liquids, and purifying, while the active ingredients of the strawberries are anti-ageing, being anti-oxidant and and anti-inflammatory. Finally, the thyme gives the cocktail its flavour and also combats headaches and colds while aiding breathing and boosting dental and oral health.

Finally, we have an “all terrain” shot featuring ingredients such as apple and lime. The former favours digestion, circulation and oral health, provides vitamins and is diuretic – almost miraculous! The lime provides vitamins, as mentioned above.

Wellness shots: small-sized well-being
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