Wellness for your special day: Wellness Weddings at Royal Hideaway Sancti Petri

Wellness for your special day: Wellness Weddings at Royal Hideaway Sancti Petri
Toñi Leal, Directora del Spa
written by Toñi Leal, Directora del Spa

In the lead-up to your wedding day, nerves and stress start to make themselves felt, and the next day you’re bound to be exhausted after all that partying. Here at Barceló Sancti Petri we’ve come up with a wellness plan focused on your special day: Wellness Weddings.

Yoga sessions for couples with a yearning for inner peace, anti-stress massages for the groom, relaxing treatments for the bride and a detox menu for the day after the wedding are just a few of the suggestions we make here at the hotel.

With Wellness Weddings we try to make a day that’s usually fraught with tension into a pleasant, relaxed and above all healthy experience.

Our Royal Hideaway Sancti Petri is a leading wellness centre thanks to its U-Spa and the role of the Wellness Personal Assistant (a personal advisor on health and beauty issues). We wanted to extend this to the wedding sphere and make your “big day” as relaxing and stress-free as possible, creating an atmosphere of tranquillity that has a beneficial effect on both the couple and the wedding celebrations.

With Wellness Weddings we want to reactivate as much positive energy as we can in the hours leading up to your wedding. Our treatments are designed for the happy couple, the best man and the bride’s best friends, because we believe their energy gives the bride a sense of calm and is vital for ensuring the wedding goes smoothly.

Our treatments are not only focused on health, we also give beauty treatments, like Shea therapies for silky hair, for example, and seaweed creams for revitalising and rejuvenating the skin.
We also want to help you the day after your wedding, with a healthy, energy-giving menu accompanied by relaxing massages (adapted to suit your needs, designed to soothe tired or painful muscles and release tension) to prevent aches developing after the busy day you’ve just had.

Some of our Wellness Wedding treatments are:

“SHOCK” TREATMENT WITH MARINE PLANT DNA: For around 50 euros you can enjoy an intensive 30-minute rejuvenating treatment, which is also ideal for combating slackness and for treating dehydrated and dull skin owing to a daily application of electro beauty treatment together with the rich ingredients of concentrated serums. Perfect for memorable occasions when you want to look especially radiant.

BALANCING HAIR AND SCALP TREATMENT: This restorative and balancing treatment starts with a short massage on a dry scalp before a moisturising hair pack is applied. This is followed by a relaxing scalp massage with Shea Butter and Ayurveda Spices to stimulate the scalp and give your hair a shiny, silky appearance.

TRADITIONAL SWEDISH MASSAGE: The quintessential European massage that cares for both your skin and your circulation, as well as having a firming and toning effect on your body, producing an all-enveloping sense of well-being.

FACIAL AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE: Heady aromas of Eastern spices and 100% pure essential oils are used in this fantastic facial, neck and shoulders massage, transporting you to faraway lands where you will experience absolute relaxation and pleasure.

HOT STONE MASSAGE: Volcanic stones are heated in water and placed on key energy points. Meanwhile, the therapist impregnates the other hot stones in luxurious aromatic oils and slides them over your body, giving a traditional massage to relieve stress and soothe sore muscles.

ANTI-STRESS MASSAGE WITH ORIENTAL SPHERES: A relaxing body and facial massage involving the application of Chinese Spheres that slide gently over your skin, producing a pleasant oriental murmur with up to 48 different tones, helping to release tension and promote harmony between body and mind.

Wellness for your special day: Wellness Weddings at Royal Hideaway Sancti Petri
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