What’s a WPA?

What’s a WPA?
Toñi Leal, Directora del Spa
written by Toñi Leal, Directora del Spa

For the last few years, I’ve been working as a WPA: Wellness Personal Assistant, a unique, exclusive service that enables guests to make the most of their stay in the hotel with the largest Spa&Wellness centre in Andalusia. We’ve got 3,625 square metres of circuits, treatment suites and much more!

Many of our clients come here for the benefits offered by our Spa and our wellness programmes; that’s why we believed it was essential to personalise our treatments to suit people’s individual needs, in the same way that other sectors adapt their services to meet specific requirements.

What does your work involve?

Every client is different and comes here with their own set of circumstances. The first thing I do, the same as an image and fashion consultant would do, is to find out where the client stands at the moment and look closely at any treatments they are already having or how they were looking after themselves in all aspects of their lives before arriving at the Royal Hideaway Sancti Petri.

Based on this, I can pinpoint their needs or intentions and decide which treatments to choose for them, as well as any special menus or products that might be suitable from our U Spa range.

My job doesn’t finish here, as I also make a series of recommendations that clients can take away with them. I might advise clients on the best course of action for continuing with their wellness when they leave the hotel, plus any treatments that would be beneficial on their next visit; I also provide advice on how to follow a healthy lifestyle.

I have to be a kind of ‘beauty hunter’ too, and I’m always on the lookout for the latest wellness and beauty trends. This means I can give Royal Hideaway Sancti Petri clients the very latest options and take the wellness concept to its highest possible level.

An example of all this is the skin analysis I do when a client arrives at the hotel. I find out what might be causing their skin to be in a particular condition and decide on the appropriate treatment, which might be a flash treatment or anti-ageing if necessary.

What’s a WPA?
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